Top Makeup and Beauty Trends of 2021

The past 2020 brought many changes. From new adjustments in our rhythm of life, to styles and more! This brought as a consequence that this new 2021 trends emerge to renew not only our closet, but our style. So 2021 comes loaded with brightness and vibrant colors to leave behind the dull gray that last year left us with.  That’s why Makeup Artists Chicago today brings you the Top Makeup and Beauty Trends of 2021.

Top Makeup and Beauty Trends of 2021

Wonderful Eyes

Colorful makeup has become more popular, especially now. Bold eye shadow colors will be trending this year. In short, the eyes become undeniably the main focus of attention. So dare to experiment with colors on your eyes.

Daring eyebrows

Forget about those mini eyebrows! Today we will use fuller and more defined eyebrows. Be careful not to overdo it! Ask the experts.

Satin and juicy faces

It’s time to show a radiant, juicy and luminous skin. Facial care is the protagonist with well hydrated and full of light faces. Without overloading. Nude and healthy-looking tones will be used, as if it were a baby’s complexion.

Powerful, defined lips

Lips are bold again. The most elegant color will be used faithfully. Red! A timeless color that has been a trend since the beginning.

Goodbye mascara!

Eyelash extensions will be more and more in fashion this year! The Makeup Salon Chicago experts will make your eyelashes vibrate at all times. They will look exquisite. And then you won’t have to wear mascara anymore!

Dare to make a change this year. It’s time to be reborn as the eagle! Let’s say goodbye to 2020 in every way! Get a free consultation at a makeup salon to find out what suits you best. Upgrade your style and renew yourself. By following the Makeup Trends you will look spectacular at all times.