Top Lash Extensions Safety Tips

It is always good to change our style. This can be through a hairstyle, a haircut, make-up, etcetera. One of the most popular procedures in recent times is the application of eyelash extensions. But, when we decide to have eyelash treatment, it is necessary to listen what experts say about Eyelash Extensions Chicago. Eyelash extensions are totally compatible with everyday life. So to keep them for longer it is important to ensure some care. That’s why you should follow these Top Lash Extensions Safety Tips

Before your visit

  • If possible, go to the appointment without makeup. If this is not possible. Arrive early, so you can remove your makeup properly.
  • Avoid using oily products on your eye area the day before.
  • Check that the instruments used for the eyelashes are sterilized.
  • Ask about the hygiene and sanitary safety measures they employ.

The first 24 hours

  • Verify that the expert who will apply the technique uses gloves, mouth covers, and that the work area is clean and tidy.
  • Do not get wet, do not expose yourself to vapors and do not apply cosmetics unless the specialist tells you how.
  • Avoid touching your eyes or rubbing your eyelashes.
  • Avoid greasy products in the eye area.
  • If you do Sports, swimming pool or beach, protect with an Extensions Sealer. Eyelash Extensions Chicago salon specialists will tell you which one.
  • Attention! Forget mascara. You don’t need it anymore!
  • It is important to clean your eyelashes. This way you avoid the formation of mites that cause severe allergies.
  • Go to the beauty salon every 21 days for proper eyelash maintenance.
  • Always go to a specialist eyelash salon and check that they comply with the use of special products and Eye Cosmetic Safety standards.

At the end of the treatment, you will be able to use our make-up area. If you wish to apply make-up after your eyelashes are done, you can continue with your daily activities. Enjoy your new look and captivate everyone.