Should You Take A Break From Eyelash Extensions?

We know that getting perfect lashes is not easy. Some people choose to put on false eyelashes that you bought at the drugstore, but you’re still not satisfied! It’s not really what you’re hoping for. So you wisely decide to get Best Eyelash Extensions Chicago. Now that you have them, you find yourself full of doubts and questions: Should You Take A Break From Eyelash Extensions?

First things first

If that model’s eyelashes are extremely long and perfect, no matter what they say, they have Eyelash Extensions Chicago! This is a little extra help to make your eyes and your look simply spectacular 24 hours a day. 

These are also ideal for people who have few eyelashes. Eyelash extensions are not harmful as long as you follow the Eye Cosmetic Safety guidelines.

Should I rest from my eyelash extensions?

Once you start using eyelash extensions you must commit to constant maintenance. This is how you keep them in perfect condition. So, as natural eyelashes are renewed every six weeks, you need to refill the extensions every three weeks or so. The salon specialist will also give you recommendations.  If your newly applied eyelashes fall out after a few days – or hours – it is because something has gone wrong.  You have to go back to the specialized center to have them checked. Of course, Change the entire set  every three months.

And no, you don’t have to “rest” from them! Unlike other cosmetic treatments,  there is no need to “rest” from the extensions. They do not alter the growth of the natural eyelashes.

Quality eyelash extensions should look defined, straight and natural. Eyelashes can be customized – so the end result depends on what you want.