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Welcome to Litzy Yanay Beauty Bar. 

Our makeup experts will make you look amazing. Always thinking about you, our team will study your features to offer you the makeup that fits your face.  Enhance your beauty with our make up. Rest assured, our goal is to make you look stunning!

 We are open complying with all sanitary regulations. So, why wait? 

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Our Makeup Salon Chicago is open complying with all sanitary regulations.

Welcome to Our Salon

We are licensed estheticians and makeup artist. We specialize in a wide range of makeup applications. Our services include makeup for both special occasions and daily.

Our salon has a new concept. In this sense, this allows us to adapt our services to today’s women. Then, if you have tight schedules but you need professional makeup; our team will be available for you. It does not matter if you have a special or casual occasion,
Besides, our makeup service is of high quality. Making you look and feel good. You will be very satisfied! We also specialize in on-site services, wedding guests, corporate events, and more!
Why wait? Get your hair and makeup done at Litzy Yanay Beauty Bar.
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Look great with our Makeup Services

Curious About Eyelash Extensions in chicago


Complexion Enhancement

Full face natural makeup focusing on enhancing your features to perfection. Color correcting, color matching, contour and highlight for a flawless defined finishing look. Strip lashes included. Perfect for photoshoots and date nights.


Full Glam Makeup

We offer the perfect full glam makeup for you. Foundation, contour, blush, highlight, lashes, eyebrows, eye makeup, and more. Our personalized service means we will highlight your best features. Makeup perfect for any day you want extra glam in your life.


Did you know that your eyebrows shouldn’t be more than one inch apart? We offer Personal Corrective Eyebrow Shaping and Tinting! Everything from the shape of your brows to your full face of makeup. We know that details matter.
Thus, visit us for natural-looking eyebrows with a custom approach for each client.

What to expect from our Makeup Salon?

Special day?

If you are looking to be beautiful on your special occasion, then our Makeup Salon Chicago is what you need.
Our professionals will make you stand out. They will also highlight every positive aspect of your features. Certainly, they will make your skin look beautiful and shiny. Besides, you will have a perfect and contoured appearance. In addition to this, we will complement your appearance with perfect lashes.

On your wedding day or any other occasion, with our professional makeup service you will look radiant.

We offer you the best service, always using the best products for your skin. Furthermore, we follow high quality standards in each of our beauty services.

In this sense, we invite you to our salon. This will surely be your new sanctuary.

Makeup with a face mask?

Wearing face masks is part of everyone’s daily routine. For people who consider make-up to be an art form, wearing a face mask is quite a problem. You no longer have to worry about which kind of makeup trend you should go for now. Our makeup artists in Chicago, IL are here to help you. 
Now is the time to be more dramatic with eye make-up. You could try different textures as our lips, which are usually the pop of color in a look, won’t be visible. As the eye becomes the focus of the face, the following are a must for your pandemic look.
  • Graphic eyeliner: Eyeliners are a super-easy way to get your eyes to stand out using just one product.
  • Brow power: Keeping your brows on point is essential. They are the only form of any facial expression visible when wearing a face mask.
  • Glitter: Shimmery liquid eyeliner will definitely step up your game.
  • Lashes on point: Lashes are the perfect way to make your eyes appear bigger while wearing a mask.
It’s time to visit our Chicago Makeup Salon for your desired look. We can make it all happen for you.



Q: Why is it important to hire a makeup artist for my wedding?

Hire a professional bridal makeup artist that has experience and skill. You will save time and energy and it’s fun!

Q: How long will the makeup last?

We only use the best products to ensure its performance is up to quality. Skincare prep is also a crucial part of the application process to ensure your makeup holds up well throughout the day.

Q: How long does makeup application take?

Makeup applications usually take 1 hour. It may take less time, but 1 hour is enough to ensure proper application with no rush or hurry.

Q: How far in advance should I book a makeup artist?

I would recommend booking your makeup artist as soon as you know the date of your event. You should probably schedule 1 or 2 days before your event. But, if it’s bridal makeup. You should probably schedule it in advance.

Get the best service in our Makeup Salon Chicago

We have all training of sanitation and disinfection practices related to COVID-19. We offer a safe place!

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Complement your style with our spectacular Eyelash Service

Our make-up service is exceptional. And, you can not miss complementing it with some wonderful Eyelashes.
We will certainly make you look absolutely divine.
On the other hand, we have great techniques that allow us to highlight your best attributes.
Regardless of the service you choose, you will always receive the best treatment.

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10 year experience serving Chicago Clients

We have more than 10 years working in our City. It is not just makeup, it is art on your face. Our makeup service adapts to your needs. Also, to the event or occasion. All of our services are designed specially to you. Our priority is to provide  the highest quality service. Also, we offer guaranteed satisfaction.

On the other hand, all our technicians are professionally trained. It means, we are able to evaluate your facial shape, and recommend the best for you. In addition, our makeup services will help to complete your style. Also, we know the current trends. So, your makeup will always look fresh and fashionable.

Moreover, our clients recommend us. And, they are our greatest guarantee. We are committed to you. As a result, part of our responsibility is reflected in the quality of the makeup products we use. We are not just another beauty salon, we are Your Makeup Salon Chicago.

Makeup Salon Chicago Services

Our Make Up Services

Full Face Glam Make up

No Lashes Strips Full Face Glam Makeup 

Full Face Natural Makeup with Lash Strips

No Lashes Strips Full Face Natural Makeup

More Services

Makeup Artists Chicago

Our makeup artists will meet with you and advise you on everything. We offer on-location makeup services and we will come to you. We will come to you wherever you are, and help you choose the colors and styles that suit you best.
We will make you glow with radiance on your special day. With carefully selected specialists, you will leave feeling and looking better than ever! We know that on your special day you want to be surrounded by people who can help you stay relaxed. 


Only Licensed Estheticians

We always rely on a licensed esthetician. We offer makeup services for all occasions and in a variety of styles. Our clients look radiant in photos and flawless in person. It’s all about understated glamour. Your makeup is sure to be flawless and comfortable. It will NEVER, BUT NEVER, look heavy or cumbersome.

Our Goal

Our goal is to create timeless looks that feel very “of the moment”. Styles that describe you to yourself. With the best products to also take care of your skin.