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Some clients think that keeping their lash extensions away from water will keep them on longer. But this can have the opposite effect! So, why wait? Get Lash Shampoo / Lash Baths.

How to take care of your Lash Extensions

Lash Shampoo/Lash Baths


First, be careful the first 24 hours. Don’t let them get wet or be around. Wash your face carefully and avoid showering in a hot, closed off. Also, avoid oil-based products. Instead, stick to an oil free eyelash extension shampoo. Remember to brush your lashes, but don’t rub your eyes. This goes for when you remove your makeup as well as throughout the day. And, of course, avoid eye makeup. Now you can avoid mascara because you have beautiful long thick lashes. And if you do decide to wear eyeliner, be careful about applying and removing it.

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We have all training of sanitation and disinfection practices related to COVID-19. We offer a safe place!

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Why should you use lash cleansers?


Dead skin cells, dirt, makeup and oil will build up in your lash line. All this build up will eat away at your lash extension’s bond, breaking it down over time.

Dirty lashes can result in extensions falling off your natural lash. Also, mascara residue can cause poor adhesion. Thus, your lashes won’t last long.

This is why we recommend cleaning lash extensions at night to remove facial oils, dust, dirt and makeup. Also, clean lash extensions after activities such as swimming and working out. Chlorine, salt, sweat and oils should be removed immediately from lash extensions to maintain the integrity of your lash adhesive.

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What are the benefits of a lash extension shampoo?

Many clients have dirtier lashes than normal for several potential reasons. Perhaps they wear a lot of makeup, exercise or work out frequently, or even simply have oilier skin. These conditions can lead to a lot more residue and dirt on lash extensions. An effective way to help with lash retention and maintenance is to use a lash shampoo.

A well-formulated eyelash extension shampoo does not leave a residual film on your eyelashes. Be careful of regular makeup removers masquerading as lash-friendly! A great eyelash shampoo will be low on sulfate content. Thus, it will not remove moisture from your extensions or loosen the bond. Also, it significantly boosts lash health.

We only use products that have the lash extension life and eye health in mind!

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We have all training of sanitation and disinfection practices related to COVID-19. We offer a safe place!

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Get to know our Process

The procedure is relaxed and safe. You will feel like if you were receive a spa service. First, you will lie comfortably on our plush table. Then, it is time to close your eyes and relax. Remember, you need to have your eyes closed during the whole process. Following, we apply the extensions gently. At this moment you will feel as if a soft brush is caressing your eyelashes.  All procedure will take around 60 minutes; of course, it always depends on the service you select. And don’t forget to like our Facebook page for more about our Lash Shampoo / Lash Baths.