Is It Safe To Remove Your Own Eyelash Extensions?

Are you suffering from the inevitable fall of your eyelash extensions? You’ve probably used thousands of tricks to make them last longer. And I’m sure more than one has tried to do away with eyelashes on their own for sure. But is it safe to remove your own eyelash extensions? Beware, read on because we could be making the worst mistake with your eyelashes .

Removing Eyelash Extensions Chicago?

Under no circumstances should we try to remove our own eyelashes. First, because removing false eyelashes is a more complex and careful procedure than you might think. That can only be done by a specialist and in a salon. Then, because we tend to pull them out. By pulling out the eyelash extension we not only damage the natural eyelash underneath, but it can cause irreparable damage to the follicle. If you pull out an original eyelash it may not come back.

What to do with the  Best Eyelash Extensions Chicago?

The solution, although it may be a bit desperate, is as easy as it gets. In short, we must let our Eyelash Extensions Chicago detach and fall off by themselves. Without touching them. We must also follow the instructions given by the salon. Avoid rubbing your eyes intensely. It damages the natural eyelash underneath.

The trick

One trick to help eyelash extensions peel off is to apply oil with your fingertips. But, you should actually gently rub the lashes together.

Another trick to improve the look of eyelash extensions when they are falling out is to coat the top of the lash with black mascara. But the mascara should not be oily or waterproof at all.

But the truth is that eyelash extensions falling should not be a problem. It helps to strengthen and recover our natural eyelashes.

Generally speaking, when it comes to our eyelashes we must be careful. Always go to a specialized salon. And make sure they comply with all Eye Cosmetic Safety standards. Also, make sure it is a clean environment and that they maintain biosafety standards. Your health is important.