How To Prepare For Your First Eyelash Extensions Class

Thinking of becoming a certified eyelash extensions professional? Want your client base and income? Well, if the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll let you know  How To Prepare For Your First Eyelash Extensions Class.

As with technology and many other industries, you need ongoing training. Even as a successful professional you need to update. Trends change all the time, equipment and techniques change all the time. And, Eyelash Extensions Chicago is rapidly growing in popularity. So that there is a big  demand for certified eyelash technicians. If you don’t keep up with these changes, it won’t be long before you lose clients.

Prepare your day

Organize your day so that when you have classes, you can dedicate yourself to just that. It will take a few hours of training so forget about the world and focus.


Some Eyelash Extension Classes Chicago may include the first application kit. However, if the school does not offer it then do some research ahead. Check what you will need. You can bring your own materials. It is very important that you check  if the kit you are buying meets all Eye Cosmetic Safety standards. Be prepared with a pen and paper so you can write down absolutely everything.

Don’t worry

It is not necessary to have previous preparation to take eyelash extension classes. So don’t worry, the eyelash extension application course is suitable for everyone.

By the end of your class you are sure to master the application of Classic and Volume eyelash extensions. You will also be able to quickly identify the recommended size and thickness according to your clients’ needs. As well as other advanced techniques to apply eyelashes efficiently and safely. Now, you can start your own business and be your own boss! Welcome to your Eyelash Extension Classes!