All You Need To Know About Eye Shapes And Eyelash Extensions

We have become addicted to eyelash extensions. Few can resist this cosmetic treatment that allows you to look radiant, even when you just get out of bed, and without makeup. You still don’t have your Eyelash Extensions Chicago? Just in case you are hesitating, we are going to tell you All You Need To Know About Eye Shapes And Eyelash Extensions.


Eyelash extensions are one of the most in-demand cosmetic treatments today. And not only among celebrities. Surely some of your friends have already tried the Best Eyelash Extensions Chicago. So, you are considering it. Getting up with a radiant look is the dream of many wome. For sure,  with eyelash extensions it is possible. 

Your eye shape matters 

Yes. Even if some people say otherwise, your features are important. Not all of us are suited to the same type of eyelashes. 

Small eyes

If your eyes are small, opt for individual lashes. Use them only on the corners of each eye. You’ll see a dramatic difference. 

Big eyes 

If your eyes are very large you can use full, thick, bushy lashes. Your eyes will instantly stand out and you’ll look like a celebrity.

Round eyes

People who have round eyes can wear extremely long lashes. You’ll effectively look like an Anime cartoon, but you’ll look great.

Almond eyes

The advantage of having almond-shaped eyes is that you can wear any type of shade you want. But if you want to make an impact, we recommend that you use them only in the corners of the eye. 

When you decide to apply eyelash extensions it is necessary that you go to a specialist. The specialist will study your face and the shape of your eyes to recommend the eyelash that suits you best. Remember to also check if they comply with all Eye Cosmetic Safety standards. Also check that they comply with biosafety standards. We want you to look and feel great!