Do you want to get a captivating look that catches everyone’s attention? We are your specialist eyelash extension and beauty services salon. We offer complete application services, maintenance, eyelash washing and more.  All of our technicians are highly trained to evaluate your facial features and recommend what best suits your complexion. Also, we offer make-up services which will help you complete your style. Whenever you want to look and feel good, visit our salon, you are sure to be completely satisfied.


Our mission is to offer our guests a luxurious and pleasant atmosphere, where everyone gets a high quality service. At our beauty bar we want to make sure your beauty appointment is a unique experience. For that, we offer you exclusive and 100% personalized attention. Our priority is to make you look and feel good!

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We all have training in sanitation and disinfection practices related to COVID-19. We offer a safe place!

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Get to know our Services

Eyelash Extensions

Achieve a stunning appearance. In our salon we offer a wide range of services. Then, you can select among eyelash extensions, refills, threads, and more. Of course, all by the hand of the most qualified personnel.

Eyelash Extension Removal

Qualified Technicians. We have  great methods to remove your eyelash extensions. Best of all, damage-free.

Lash Shampoo/Lash Baths

Our methods will help removing all impurities and proteins from the eyelash extensions.

Make Up Services

Makeup can have a magical effect when performed by real masters. Get the best makeup service. Always, by the hand of qualified makeup artist. Surely, you will get a look of glamor and splendor.

Why choose us?

Our atmosphere will calm you down as soon as you walk in the door. In our Lash Salon, you will have a safe and comfortable space to relax while receiving your eyelash extension treatment. Also, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re in professional hands.  That is, all of our staff is experienced and qualified, not only in the application of eyelash extensions and makeup, but also, they have passed the training regarding the public health regulations of COVID-19. 

We specialize, not only in providing services, but also in providing you with a pleasant experience.  We specialize not only in providing services, but also in providing you with an enjoyable experience.  Also, we will use the best techniques to make the procedure a success. Our salon is committed to each of our clients. And, we believe that each one deserves the best attention. That’s why we customize each of our services.