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Welcome to LITZY YANAY Beauty Bar

Come and live the best experience at our Chicago Beauty Bar. We offer the best and most trusted luxurious list of beauty services in the city with a complete, elegant and modern feel.

We specialize in lashes, brow enhancements, makeup and the art of full body  waxing and advance skincare treatments.  With  our  guests  in  mind  we  designed an upscale, trendy and professional environment to put you at ease. We are passionate about our craft and uphold the highest standards of sanitation. Our studio is a beauty sanctuary for all of our clients and our team is amongst the best professionals in Chicago.

We are are passionate about making a positive impact in people’s lives by creating customized services to enhance and reveal beautiful skin.

Additionally, Our Chicago Beauty Bar has the proper training and understanding of sanitation and disinfection practices consistent with COVID-19. We are committed to our clients and community. We have updated our health certifications and we continue to maintain the latest health and safety regulations and apply all safety rules to affirm that our studio is a safe place.

Eyelash Extensions

Achieve a stunning appearance. In our salon we offer a wide range of services. Then, you can select among eyelash extensions, refills, threads, and more. Of course, all by the hand of the most qualified personnel.

Eyelash Extension Removal

Qualified Technicians. We have  great methods to remove your eyelash extensions. Best of all, damage-free.

Lash Shampoo/Lash Baths

Our methods will help removing all impurities and proteins from the eyelash extensions.

Make Up Services

Makeup can have a magical effect when performed by real masters. Get the best makeup service. Always, by the hand of qualified makeup artist. Surely, you will get a look of glamor and splendor.

Get the best service in our Chicago Lash Salon

We have all training of sanitation and disinfection practices related to COVID-19. We offer a safe place!

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Our Beauty Services

Ready to achieve a stunning look? Our Lash Spot is the right place for semi-permanent eyelash extensions and beauty services. We offer the complete package, including eyelash extensions, refills, and more. Also, our technicians are professionally trained to recommend the beauty treatments you need.

You can look and feel your best with our makeup services. Makeup for a special ocassion? Or for a different look to your every-day one? Litzy Yanay Beauty Bar is here for you. We take the best care of your skin with high quality products. And because we want you to receive a spa-like treatment, we also offer facials and waxing. Thus, you have everything you need in our Beauty Bar.

So, why wait? Choose from the variety of our beauty services.

Licensed technicians carefully apply semi permanent eyelash extensions by attaching a tiny extensions one-by-one to create the best look for you. It may be both dramatic and natural. After the application process, the lash extensions will last through a full growth cycle of your natural eyelashes. Looking for high quality eyelash extensions in Chicago? Our lash studio is the one! We offer the best Lash Services, like our signature Lash Bath. It helps keeping your eyelashes sanitized and clean. And if what you need is eyelash extension removal in Chicago, we can help you! Classic Eyelash Extensions This service will help your natural lashes appear longer, and more curled. There’s no need to apply mascara after you get a classic set. Volume Eyelash Extensions Volume extension services are for the ones who want a more dramatic look. Multiple micro-lashes are attached to each of youe lashes to achieve a celebrity-like appearance.
Did you know that your eyebrows shouldn’t be more than one inch apart? We offer Personal Corrective Eyebrow Shaping and Tinting! We know that details matter. Everything from the shape of your brows to your full face of makeup. Visit us for natural looking eyebrows with a custom approach for each client.
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We are licensed estheticians and makeup artists. As a result, we specialize in a wide range of makeup applications. Also, our services include makeup for both special occasions and daily. So, why wait? Our Chicago Makeup Salon isere for you.

For our facials we approach the skin with the philosophy and understanding that everyone’s skin type and concerns are different. We set out to offer a wide range of clinical facials and treatments personalized to treat you and meet your skincare needs. We strive everyday to offer each guest the best facial in Chicago.

Our unique waxing approach is what sets us apart. Our Exclusive System was designed to revolutionize the waxing experience. Our Estheticians will prep and replenish the skin before and after every treatment, providing a comfortable and efficient experience with the health of your skin always in mind. Therefore, with painless waxing and affordable pricing, LITZY YANAY Beauty Bar offers the best waxing in Chicago.

Years of experience serving Chicago Clients

Our makeup and lash artists have years of experience serving the chicagoland, all our professionals have received extensive training to offer a wonderful service. We can analyze your facial features to determine what kind of look suits you best. Our staff is prepared to cleanse , hydrate and apply extensions, as well as remove them when it is necessary. You will be very satisfied.

Get the best service in our Lash Salon Chicago

We have all training of sanitation and disinfection practices related to COVID-19. We offer a safe place!

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Get to know our Process

Litzy Yanay is one of the few specialists to have mastered the art of eyelash enhancing in chicago. After a personalized consultation, Litzy will prepare, design and enhance your lashes to perfection. Litzy prides herself on creating the best look for each client so you can sit back and relax as she works her magic. And don’t forget to like our Facebook page for more about our Chicago Lash Salon. So what is all the talk about? “The right eyelash enhancement can completely change and eyebrow can take years off your appearance.”